About Us

Rose and George

We both started dancing 6 years ago whilst part of the swing society at the University of Nottingham. We quickly developed a passion for the dance and it wasn’t long before we were teaching others at the University.  We thoroughly enjoyed helping new students discover swing dancing and grow as dancers. Now we are setting up Swingit! Nottingham so that we can share our joy of swing dancing with a wider audience and help more people discover this fantastic form of dancing.

Apart from teaching, we also regularly travel to attend swing dance events and have danced in Sweden, Lithuania, China, Ireland and all across the UK. We enjoy competing and have won numerous competitions throughout the UK.

We established Nottingham’s first regular social dance with our friends in 2014 and we have both organised workshops and large swing events in Nottingham. We strive to help our swing dance scene grow and hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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